Tips / Tricks: Introducing your cat to CatScratchCity.com (purr post™)
Most cats will just take to their new Perch, Post or bamboo Scratcher naturally, especially if they are younger or have been raised using other scratching posts, scratchers or trees. Cats enjoy windows and familiar areas. Place your purr post near a window or an area where your cat is prone to spending a great deal of time. Some cats are a little more finicky and it may take a few hours or several days for the cat to warm up to its new toy. You can speed this process up by sprinkling or spraying a light amount of cat nip on the scratching or lounging surface. All orders ship with a FREE sample of premium certified USDA organic cat nip to help your cat get familiar with its new furniture and started scratching or lounging.

Tips / Tricks: Getting your cat to use the scratching surfaces and top platform on the Perch model.
Most cats are able to jump onto the top platform of the Perch from the floor, but if they are unable you may want to set purr post next to something raised that will give them easier access onto the top (eg: chair or couch). Active cats will take to the top platform more readily than non-active cats. If your cat is not taking to the top platform you can place your cat directly onto the top platform or try sprinkling a little cat nip on it. Sometimes repetition and positive reinforcement is key if they are not doing it on their own. You can help encourage the use of the sisal scratching surfaces by scratching with your fingers on the post or Scratcher with your cat nearby and watching you. You can then take your cats paws and mimic the scratching behavior by lightly rubbing their paws on the post. You may also rub or spray cat nip onto the sisal scratching surface. Again, it may take a little repetition, but in most cases your cat will learn this is okay behavior and that purr post is its new toy to own and love.

Cats are finicky creatures, and ultimately they will decide what they like and don't, what they want to scratch on or sleep on, but with a little encouragement even the most finicky cat will be happy with their purr post product... Then again some just want a nice bit of bubble wrap, a crumpled piece of paper, and a rubber band!


Why is Cat Scratch City® a great value for the price?
Simply, it’s truly environmentally green, functional, and cleanly styled. In a competitive market place we are faced with many choices. Comparatively, our Perches and Posts are taller than the shorter less expensive posts, and less bulky and less expensive than the larger cat condo towers. The few mid-sized green cat posts that are on the market are generally priced well over $200 dollars and many of the mass-produced green posts are manufactured overseas! Our solid bamboo Scratchers are environmentally green, reusable and also priced less than most other scratchers in the same class. purr post cat furniture is competitively priced, made in America, finished by hand with care, and offers you truly ultra-green design with a solid product your home, the planet, and cat or kitties will love.

1Our Guarantee...
We guarantee that your purr post product is void of defects. We've spent years testing and developing our products, they're sturdy and we can proudly say they are 'cat tested and approved'. Should your product be deemed faulty we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price minus shipping and handling. Please contact us at: info@purrpost.com for further information and to obtain an RMA number for any returned item for refund.

How long will my purr post last?
Under normal use, the Perches, Posts, and Scratchers will last many years, but due to the nature of wear and tear, some of the materials may require replacement or disposal of over time. Some factors that may shorten the life span of your kitty furniture are: the size of your cat, the number of cats using the product, and the general care of your product. purr post was designed so parts and materials can be replaced at any time. Should any part of your purr post require replacement, please feel free to contact us. The flat bamboo Scratcher is also designed for years of enjoyment, and the sisal scratching surface is completely replaceable once worn through!

Can I hang toys from the top platform on the purr post Perch model?
It sounds fun, but we do not recommend it. The purr post cat scratching Perch is durable and very stable, but is currently not designed for hanging toys. Most cat posts and trees in similar classifications that have hanging toys commonly tip over, thus our reason for not encouraging it. Future larger heavier purr post models may incorporate the hanging toy feature.

Can I place a cat bed on the top platform of the purr post Perch model?
Sure! Though you may want to figure out a way to secure it so it doesn't slide off and deter your cat from using it's Perch. Future models may incorporate a more "bed-like" option so long as the materials are truly environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Can I hang or wall mount the purr post Scratcher?
Yes, though we currently do not provide a hanging system. We plan to have a hanging and wall mount system for the Scratchers developed soon.

Why we use bamboo, aluminum sheet, stainless steel, natural cork, and certified 100% post-consumer paperboard versus toxic woods or plastics?
Aluminum and steel is extremely sturdy, abundant, non-corrosive, and is 100% infinitely recyclable containing no petroleum based oils or out-gassing properties. Metals are one of the easiest and most widely recycled and renewable materials there is. Nearly all plastics are chemically synthesized, primarily made from petroleum based oils, emit toxins during their entire life cycle and are often difficult to truly recycle especially when formed into odd shapes and sizes. Woods are a precious resource, are commonly chemically treated outside of their natural forms and are not easily recycled or sustainable in shorter life cycles. We use solid bamboo due to its extremely fast growth regeneration cycles (3-6 year maturation depending on variety), sustainability, natural beauty and durability. Our choice of bamboo is raw and free of toxic stains (LEED MR 5.2, IEQ 8.2). Derived from recycled whey proteins, we use a minimal amount of ultra-low VOC, odorless, water-based (LEED 4.2) varnish to enhance color and durability. Caramelized coloring in bamboo is permanent and achieved through a heating process and not stains, lacquers or varnishes. We use post-consumer recycled paperboard because it makes use of paper materials that would normally go to waste and is easily recycled. Paperboard also breaks down easily when disposed of if not recycled. Cork is a truly sustainable product harvested from the bark of the cork tree. The cork tree is able to regenerate its bark completely every nine years, has an average life span of 200 years, and cork forests contribute to the livelihood and protection of many endangered species.

Why we use natural sisal and wool shag carpeting?
Scratching is a healthy cat behavior! Sisal carpeting has been proven to be mold resistant, durable, non-toxic and makes use of natural plant fibers that would normally be considered waste. Sisal gives a strong resistance when scratched unlike softer shaggy materials and in our experience most cats prefer that. We do plan to have other scratching material options available soon to cater to all types of cats. We use wool shag carpet because it is non-toxic, petroleum free, sustainable and extremely soft. Most cats will find the wooly shag to be a soft place to relax and shouldn't scratch on it, but some do. The use of shag keep kitty claws from getting stuck if they do decide to scratch on it.

Why we use P.E.T. shag carpeting?
Like wool, cats naturally prefer shag carpeting for lounging and playing. P.E.T. carpeting is made from 100% food-grade recycled bottles. It is a safe alternative when wool is not available and helps keep thousands of bottles out of landfills and back into sustainable use.

Putting your purr post Perch or Post together is as easy as a couple of twists. Complete assembly instructions are included with your Perch or Post. The post should be snuggly twisted onto the base for the Perch model, and the top platform on the Perch model should be snuggly twisted onto the post once attached to the base. All tightening should be snug, but not overly tightened. Twisting parts together should be smooth and quick. If you feel resistance check to see that you are attaching your base or top platform at a level 90 degree angle to the post or damage may occur to the threading system. You may need to slightly tighten the base and top platform after a few weeks of use (break-in). At this stage it should only be a minor adjustment and should not require further adjustments.

Caring for your purr post
The easiest way to clean your purr post furniture is to use the hose end of a standard household vacuum to vacuum up fur, dirt, or dander. You may also use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild cleaner or water. Do not immerse any of the cat furniture under water or use harsh cleaning solvents as they may damage the fabrics, carpeting, metals or bamboo. Should any of the fabrics or carpeting start to fray, simply trim off any loose threading. It is normal for this to happen, and by quickly trimming any loose threading you will greatly extend the life of your cat furniture. In the rare event that any of the fabrics or carpeting begin to seriously peel away, apply a multi-purpose adhesive (for at home touch-up, we recommend Ecoglue, it's ridiculously strong, water-based and less than 1% VOC content) to that area and let dry before letting your cat back on the purr post. We stand behind the quality and durability of our cat furniture, should any product be deemed defective we will replace it at no cost. Just send it back and we’ll ship you a new one as soon as we get the defective product. Please contact us via email for replacement information.

Words of caution!
Similar to any cat tree or post, purr post is designed to fit anywhere in your home. We recommend not placing purr post near open flames or electrical devices. As environmentally friendly your purr post is, aluminum and metals are conductors of electricity and the posts are not fire resistant. Be sure any nearby electrical cables are in good insulated condition and are not exposed and in contact with your purr post. Keep your Perch or Post on flat level surfaces.

Do the Perch or Post tip over easily? Is it normal for the purr post Perch to wobble?
No. We have designed the purr post Perch and Post with extra heavy solid bases to help ensure that it does not wobble or tip over easily. While the Perch and Post are very stable, we can't say your Perch or Post won't ever tip over, and like most any post or perch tip over is possible with heavier or more aggressively playful cats. If the Perch does wobble, try tightening the post at the base and make sure the surface you have it on is flat. It is perfectly fine to place your cat Perch or Post on carpeted flooring, thicker carpeting may cause your cat Perch or Post to be slightly less stable.

Why our Perch and Post base is round unlike most others that are square?
A round base allows for more even weight and balance distribution. Traditional cat trees have square bases and are easily prone to tipping over. Our large round bases not only provide stability, but they make placement in the home simple by offering no hard angles.

Why we use ZERO and less than 1% VOC green adhesive?
Due to manufacturing constraints we have to use some amounts of adhesive. The adhesives we use are applied minimally without taking away from the products integrity. Majority of the green adhesive (LEED 2.2, NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines: 5 Global Impact Points) we use is rated to have ZERO volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and the touch-up glue is rated at less than 1% VOC’s, meaning the out-gassing of noxious chemicals is minimal or none and without odor. Other green adhesives have low VOC’s (between 2-5%) while standard adhesives outgas without regard to the environment. The adhesive we use is also non-toxic, contains no petroleum based oils, is carcinogen free, and out performs most green and non-green adhesives. You can feel safe and proud knowing your purr post cat product meets or exceeds most every environmentally balanced expectation and standard.

Can I use my purr post as a table?
Yes. It makes for a great dinner table or bed side stand. Late night TV dinners, drink table... whatever you choose. Just remember, the purr post Perch is sturdy, but not designed to handle more weight than a large cat or two and should be kept clean from food, excess weight, and drink spills. Do not use as a stool or chair or permanent damage to your post may occur.

How do I recycle purr post?
While most of what goes into making a purr post cat scratching post doesn't go to waste some materials currently can not be recycled. Our choices start from the beginning and you can be assured we’ve chosen materials that if not recyclable, biodegrade naturally and without toxic output. To recycle your post: Check with your local recycling centers to see what can be recycled. Remove, recycle or discard any fabrics or carpeting. CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort) currently recycles carpeting and has a website showing centers near you. You can remove any excess green adhesive using a utility knife or similar tool. Most metals used can be placed in with your local curbside scrap metal recycling, and the paperboard post with your paper recycling. It’s that easy, no special sorting required. If your area does not have curbside recycling you may take the paperboard and metal parts to your local recycle center to be recycled or reclaimed. Check with you local wood shops, as most gladly accept wood scraps for reclaiming. If recycling is unavailable in your area, send it back to us and we’ll make sure it gets recycled or reclaimed!

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