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Cat Scratch City® is a wavescapes LLC company.

Not only are we dedicated to contributing to a green environment, purr post is dedicated to the well being of animals and education of their care. A portion of every sale goes to supporting local and national animal shelters and rescue groups.


We’d like to thank you for taking the time to shop with Catch Scratch City. Every effort has been made to assure a speedy and secure shopping experience while offering you best of class cat furniture. You can feel proud owning a purr post and your cat or kitties will love you for it. Your individual efforts can help to sustain a healthier environment and do make a difference. Thank You.


purr post Perch Bamboo Stainless purr post Scratcher Caramel

Material colors are as shown unless otherwise noted.

Please check back as other exciting styles and colors will be made available in future productions.

Perch :: Stainless

Wool or P.E.T. shag carpet color: Neutral Tan
Currently using P.E.T. shag (Update: March 2011)
Sisal scratching color: Neutral Tan


Assembles in two easy steps in under two minutes! Ships flat and comes with easy assembly and care information.

New natural soft wool or P.E.T. carpeting, New all natural sisal carpet with natural latex backing, Eco green - Zero to less than 1% VOC adhesive.

16" inch round stainless aluminum top platform. Can easily hold up to 40 lbs.

17" inch reinforced round stainless aluminum base with non-skid all natural cork padding.

24" inch tall toxic-free 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard post (4 inch diameter).

Scratcher :: Bamboo

Bamboo color choices: Caramel or Natural
Sisal scratching color: Neutral tan


Scratcher dimensions: 18" x 10" x 1.5" Solid non-toxic bamboo, no veneers, new replaceable all natural sisal scratching surface with natural latex and certified 100% FSC post consumer reinforced backing, and cork padding for scuff-free floors. Wall mounting system coming soon!

made in America aluminum and stainless steel infinitely recyclable ultra green non toxic

*100% of materials sourced from: recycled, recyclable, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, organic, natural, ultra-low or zero out-gassing, unused salvaged, or reclaimed materials that are easy and balanced with the environment. Materials may change due to product improvements or supply changes.

Cat Scratch City will be available at select retailers soon!



purr post Scratcher Bamboo Caramel Natural purr post Perch Bamboo Stainless